KnifeMarket is the first online marketplace for knives and knife-related products. It is simple to use, and most importantly, a transparent and secure platform dedicated to trading knives.

Our purpose is to provide a secure space for knife enthusiasts to trade knives. A platform where people can sell their knives or find new ones to buy - there are so many places around the world where quality knives are made! Find out more about How KnifeMarket Works.

KnifeMarket was also built for all those hobby (and not-so-hobby-anymore) blacksmiths who don't have the time / energy / skills to properly advertise their hard work. Blacksmiths can create their own storefront and list their knives in minutes so they can keep their focus on the work that they love - making knives! While we make sure that their work is properly presented and advertised so they can quickly sell their knives and grow their business.

Meet the Team

KnifeMarket was created by the knife-enthusiastic people of SharpEdge. SharpEdge is an online shop for Japanese kitchen knives. Knives are our passion so we wanted to offer a platform where knives can be traded safely and with ease.

KnifeMarket Team

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