Posted on 2023-06-21
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Product description

The Tojiro Kamagata Usuba Shirogami 195mm (7.7") is a specialized knife designed for precise vegetable chopping and the katsuramuki cutting technique. Its height and straight edge make it ideal for handling larger tuberous vegetables like daikon, allowing you to create long, thin slices. However, it's important to note that this single bevel blade is suitable for right-handed users only.

In Japanese cuisine, the concept of "shun" emphasizes the use of seasonal ingredients to create dishes that showcase the essence of the current season. To prepare such ingredients with minimal damage to their quality, taste, and appearance, a knife that is incredibly sharp and precise is necessary. This is where the Usuba knife comes into play.

The name "Usuba" translates to "thin" in Japanese, which accurately describes the knife's design for vegetable preparation. When cutting firm vegetables like carrots, it's crucial that the blade cuts cleanly rather than splitting them, as thicker knives can sometimes do.

The term "Kamagata" refers to the semicircular blade head of the Usuba, which is suitable for more precise work and intricate cutouts. This style of Usuba knife is particularly popular in the Kyoto region of Japan, where vegetable-based dishes are prominent.

The blade of the Tojiro Kamagata Usuba Shirogami will develop a patina over time. It is forged from Shirogami #1 steel, which is known for its purity and excellent carbon content. With a hardness rating of around 61-62 HRC, this knife is intended for experienced users who can handle and maintain its high-carbon blade. Shirogami steel provides a fine and gentle sharpness, is easy to sharpen, and retains its sharpness for a long time. To properly care for the blade, it is recommended to use Ballistol oil.

Tojiro is a highly respected Japanese kitchen knife manufacturer, known for producing top-quality knives at a reasonable price. Their commitment to advanced technologies and continuous improvements in materials sets them apart. Tojiro knives are renowned for their sharpness and are a favored choice in kitchens worldwide.

Regarding the specific knife you mentioned, it has been used for approximately 10 days. It has been repolished and resharpened, making it almost like new. However, there may be some dark spots on the handle due to previous use.


  • Good (light signs of use)

In original packaging?

  • Yes

Imperfections (if any)


Country of origin

  • Japan


  • Tojiro

Blade shape

  • Usuba

Blade length (mm)


Steel category

  • Carbon steel

Steel type

  • Shirogami #1

Steel hardness (HRC)

  • 61

Handle material

  • Natural (wood)

Seller's return policy

  • Domestic returns only (5-day Return Policy)
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