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  •  Slovenia
  • $260.00

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Posted on 2023-09-06

Product description

The HAP-40 Santoku Black is meticulously handcrafted within the esteemed forge of Yoshida Hamono in Japan. This family-owned establishment upholds a longstanding tradition of producing cutting-edge tools and Japanese swords, including the revered katana, through meticulous manual craftsmanship. Yoshida Hamono possesses profound expertise in the revered art of forging blades using HAP40 steel, employing traditional techniques passed down through generations.

At the core of this knife lies HAP40 steel, a purposeful choice validated by comprehensive testing that has substantiated its exceptional attributes and enduring sharpness. The steel is thoughtfully layered, with a robust steel core enveloped by a more pliable outer layer of stainless steel. This composition guarantees sustained sharpness over an extended period, facilitates the sharpening process due to the outer layer's malleability, and acts as a protective barrier for the core steel against external elements.

The Kuro-uchi finish, evident through the unpolished (black) segment on the upper side of the blade, has matured into a rich patina. This patina serves a dual function: it safeguards the blade while infusing the knife with a traditional Japanese aesthetic.


  • Unused (new item)

In original packaging?

  • Yes

Imperfections (if any)


Country of manufacture

  • Japan


  • Yoshida Hamono

Blade shape

  • Chef's knife (Gyuto)

Blade length (mm)


Steel category

  • Powder steel

Steel type

  • HAP-40

Steel hardness (HRC)

  • 67

Handle material

  • Natural (wood)

Seller's return policy

  • Domestic returns only (5-day Return Policy)

Excellent 4.3 out of 5

9 reviews