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  •  Slovenia
  • $230.00

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Posted on 2023-08-28

Product description

Hokiyama Kiritsuke Ginsanko with a blade length of 210mm (8.3 inches) is a versatile Japanese kitchen knife suitable for both home and professional kitchen use. The Kiritsuke blade shape offers multifunctionality, making it ideal for everyday tasks. Its 210mm blade length is well-suited for chopping vegetables, as well as cutting larger pieces of meat and fish.

The top part of the blade features beautiful and distinctive hammer dents that have been intentionally left unpolished. Towards the bottom of the blade, a pronounced curvy line can be observed, running along the entire length. This line marks the division between the central core and the two outer layers of softer steel, providing additional protection for the core. This construction, known as "san-mai clad," is a common method for crafting Japanese knives today. The core of this knife is forged from Hitachi's Silver III steel, also referred to as Ginsan steel or Ginsanko. It has been hardened to a Rockwell hardness of around 63 HRC. Thanks to its significant Chromium content, Ginsan steel exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

The knife is equipped with a handle made from natural maple wood sourced from North China, Russia, and the USA. The handle undergoes a specialized stabilization process with resin, ensuring its longevity. During stabilization, a pink color pigment is introduced and absorbed by the wood fibers. After the final treatment and polishing, the handle showcases the wood's grain. Maple burl blocks with varying and unique structures are used for the handles, allowing the dyes to permeate the wood in distinctive ways, resulting in individualized patterns. As a result, each handle becomes a one-of-a-kind piece.


  • Unused (new item)

In original packaging?

  • Yes

Imperfections (if any)


Country of manufacture

  • Japan


  • Hokiyama

Blade shape

  • Kiritsuke

Blade length (mm)


Steel category

  • Stainless steel

Steel type

  • Ginsan (Silver III)

Steel hardness (HRC)

  • 61

Handle material

  • Natural (wood)

Seller's return policy

  • Domestic returns only (5-day Return Policy)

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