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Posted on 2023-08-21

Product description

The magnetic knife holder is suitable for storage of up to 5 kitchen knives.
Eight (or ten, depending on the version) strong magnets hold knives securely in place and at the same time prevent the knives from swinging left or right.

Each knife has two dedicated magnets (placed vertically), as this has proven to be the most convenient and safe way to store even slightly heavier blades, such as deba knives. The distance between the magnets has been carefully thought out to ensure that there is enough space between knives (even if they are wider). Blades won't hit each other and cause chips or damage (plus your knives will always look organized on it).

When placing the knife on the stand, always make sure to place the knife on the magnet with the back of the knife first, and then slowly place the rest of the knife on the magnet.

Our magnetic holders have rounded corners for better protection of the knives, and the whole front side of the wood is black colore but still visible wood structure. Additionally, we wanted to have a clean front side of the wooden block, so it resembles the way nature made the wood (there are no holes on the front side of the magnet).

The back side of the knife holder contains a strong double-sided tape, which enables a simple, fast and reliable fitting onto any surface. No drilling needed!
Suitable for any surface (plaster, tiles, glass) - just make sure the surface is completely level, dry, cleaned and degreased before mounting, and you can rest assured that the knives will stay in place.

2 pic for the price 110usd.

5 knives: 42 x 6 x 2.5 cm (16.5" x 2.4" x 0.99")


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