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  •  Slovenia
  • $500.00
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Posted on 2023-08-28

Product description

In this instance, the distinctive hamon line gracefully echoes the form of Mount Fuji with a moonrise. On one side, the moon is whole, while on the other, its crescent is elegantly outlined against the silvery expanse of the blade.  It's important to note that this particular knife possesses a subtly nuanced hamon line, graded as B. This characteristic is not indicative of any quality compromise; hamon lines are intricate features, and this grading solely pertains to the visual appearance, devoid of any bearing on the knife's quality.

The meticulously polished appearance of the blade arises from a distinctive and time-intensive polishing process. A protective coating against corrosion bestows upon the knife a shimmering iridescence reminiscent of a rainbow sheen.

The Gyuto design is the epitome of versatility and practicality in the contemporary kitchen. With its broad profile, it facilitates seamless food transfer and typically possesses a relatively flat form near the heel, enabling swift and effortless chopping on the cutting board. The pointed tip allows for precision and intricate tasks, while a gentle curvature between the tip and the midsection encourages an effective rocking motion during cutting. The Gyuto excels in slicing meat, fish, and vegetables.

This Gyuto variant bears a slightly heftier disposition due to its thicker blade at the handle (3.8 mm), tapering gradually towards the tip (1.8 mm). Owing to this thickness, the blade can be honed into a double bevel grind, with a secondary bevel that assumes a convex, rather than concave, shape. This grind type, known as "hamaguri" or "clamshell," draws inspiration from the katana. It imparts superior sharpness that mandates delicate handling and aids in preventing food from clinging to the blade.

The cutting edge measures 230mm from heel to point, yet with this specific knife, the length is measured from the handle's edge to the blade's tip, totalling 240mm.


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  • No, but it is packaged

Imperfections (if any)


Country of manufacture

  • Japan


  • Kikumori Hamono

Blade shape

  • Chef's knife (Gyuto)

Blade length (mm)


Steel category

  • Carbon steel

Steel type

  • Shirogami #2

Steel hardness (HRC)

  • 63

Handle material

  • No handle

Seller's return policy

  • Domestic returns only (5-day Return Policy)

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