Posted on 2024-03-30
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Bowie Knife, Fixed blade, Damascus knife.

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  •  Pakistan
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Product description

Product Dimentions:
Handle: Buffalo Horn
Overall Length: 10"
Blade Length: 5"
Handle Length: 5"

Why you buy it?
It is no secret that bowie knives play an incredibly important role in your life; from cooking your food to saving your life in the wild.
It won’t be wrong to say that it is your everyday companion, no matter what tasks you perform.
Thus, it becomes necessary for you to take proper care of your beloved knife to add more years to its life.
Not only does it add life to your bowie, but it also helps to make your tasks easier and quicker.
Product Cares:
1. Remove Dirt & Grime
There is no denying the fact that the more you carry and use it, the more dirt your knife will attract. If you want to perform effective cleaning, always consider dismantling your knife by opening the blade and then removing the handle. After that, you may need to use alcohol as it is an ideal option to clean the stubborn dirt and grime. Use cotton pads to clean the blade and other elements associated. Alternatively, you can even use mild soap or white vinegar. Once you are done with cleaning, don’t forget to dry all parts so that they won’t get rust.
2. Consider Sharpening Your Knife Daily
It is something that you should consider to ensure the durability and efficiency of your tool for many years to come. If you don’t know the process of sharpening, always start with smaller blades. On the hand, using a heavy blade might allow you to put in extra effort which could be a health hazard. Also, sharpening completely depends on the job you perform and how often you use it for your tasks. Though some people use whetstone for sharpening their knives, it is quite challenging for many. Make sure you only consider sharpening when you are experienced enough; otherwise, send it to a professional company to do it for you. Also, if you want to buy a new knife for gifting or adventure purposes, the experts will even help you design your own knife online.
3. Don’t Forget to Lubricate Your Knife
Another major maintenance tip that you should perform for your bowie is nothing but lubrication. Well, you don’t need to splurge on expensive oils to retain your knife’s sharpness and shine. You can simply buy normal oil from hardware stores. Ensure you don’t over-oil your knife as it might damage your knife’s quality. Always ignore motor oil. Simply use a small amount of knife to ensure you’ll get the optimum benefit. Avoid oiling your knife’s handles as you might end up making your tool slippery.
4. Choose the Right Storage Area
It is often observed that most people use sheaths to keep their knives. It is, however, something you should avoid. No matter how expensive or high-quality sheath you are using, it is still recommended not to keep your knife there for too long. Also, always consider a dedicated storage space to store your beloved companion. When you are storing your knife, ensure that no device or instrument would touch its blade.

Tip: Always consider oiling your tool a bit before storing it because it would ultimately enhance its protection to withstand many harsh elements.


That’s a wrap to the top maintenance tips that you should follow for your beloved bowie knife. Always stick to these tips to ensure your knife will get enhanced durability and efficiency at performing multiple tasks with ease.


  • Unused (new item)

In original packaging?

  • Yes

Country of origin

  • Pakistan


  • Other

Blade shape

  • Bowie

Blade length (mm)


Steel category

  • Stainless steel

Steel type

  • 420HC

Steel hardness (HRC)

  • 60

Handle material

  • Carbon fiber

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